TOT! Complete pack

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the rails (aluminum profiles); the plunge router; router bit; router chuck extension; clamping accessories (sold separately)

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TOT! Complete pack is all you need BESIDES THE RAILS to build TOT! Router sled.


!!! TOT! Complete pack DOES NOT INCLUDE THE RAILS (aluminum profiles)!!!


TOT! Complete pack includes all the green parts from the sketch:


1. pcs of  TOT! Dustless Cart

A router cart made from sandblasted stainless steel. Plexiglass base. Stainless steel flange for exhausting (50mm diameter). 50/40 mm exhausting adapter. 3 sets of sealing brushes with 20, 30, and 40 mm long fiber. Each set has a pair of 300mm and a pair of 152mm long brushes.


2. pairs of sandblasted stainless steel holders with bearing wheels for X and Y axes

One pair for a move of router cart across the grains.
One pair for a parallel move of router sled (“parallel” in relation to fibers of the slab).


1. pair of sandblasted stainless steel holders that fix cross profiles together.

12 pcs M6 x 15mm screws and 12 pcs M6 spring washers included

Does not include 12 pcs T-slot nuts M6


1. pair of plexiglass guards with 60 mm long screws included.


1. pcs of sandblasted stainless steel joint for the handle.

Allows you an easy and exact handle of the router from any angle.


1. pair of crosscut handle

This pair of handles 660mm long is long enough for the router sled wide up to 160 cm.
In case your router sled is wider than 160 cm, or your router sled is
placed on the floor, or you just need a longer handle, you can buy 330 mm



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