is the first dustless system for router sled flattening

TOT! is the first dustless router sled on the market since 2019.

TOT! is a solution for a cleaner and healthier environment in your workshop.

During flattening with TOT! dustless router sled, the amount of fine wood dust in the air dramatically decreases!

In comparison to the common DIY router sleds is there almost no fine wood dust in the air.

Dust exhausting efficiency with vacuum cleaner´s 32mm hose is close to 90% and the rest of the dust falls along the slab edges similar to an expensive CNC and big flattening machines.

In case you want to use TOT! dustless system for EPOXY surfaces, please read this important note.

Vacuum cleaner dust exhausting works well with router bits diameter up to  60mm (2,36″) and depth of cut up to 3mm (0,118″).

Considering to huge amount of exhausted wooden chips and dust we recommend using together with vacuum cleaner also cyclone pre-separator.

TOT! allows you dustless flattening in a range from 0 to 50 mm (measured under 80mm profiles) by using all sets of sealing brushes from 20 to 60mm.

Our unique TOT! dustless system is made from high-quality components like 4mm stainless steel, 10mm plexiglass, and the best sealing brushes.

  • TOT! router sled is made in the EU.
  • TOT! router sled fits most common routers (also to the big router as MAKITA RP2300, FESTOOL OF2200, Mafell LO65, etc.)
  • TOT! router sled is very fast & easy to handle with one hand.
  • TOT! router sled can be used for crosscut flattening and also for parallel flattening along the grains.