What do I need to build router sled as in TOT!s videos?

TOT! cart in our videos is used on router sled made from Bosch Rexroth strut aluminum profiles 40x80L (40mm x 80mm) with 6 T slots (width of slot is 10mm). Router sled is fixed to the 250 x 150 cm plywood. Our router sled consist of 2 pcs 250 cm and 2 pcs 160 cm aluminum profiles and allows flatten slabs up to 300 x 115 cm x 12 cm (with 2 x 100 cm extension). Assembly and disassembly of this router sled is very easy and fast.

!!! If you want to use the TOT! cart on your router sled made from aluminum profiles, use cross profiles about 100mm longer than is your demanded total width of your router sled. For example plywood in our video is 150 cm wide and cross profiles are 160 cm long.!!!

!!!The slab at our videos is held by workbench – not by plywood. 30 mm plywood is holding the weight of aluminum router sled only!!!

Here you can find all Bosch Rexroth´s parts which are used at router sled from our videos:

2 pieces 3842993130 / 2500 STRUT PROFILE 40X80L

2 pieces 3842993130 / 1600 STRUT PROFILE 40X80L

20 pieces 3842528735 T-SLOT STONE 10 M8

20 pieces 3842528738 T-SLOT STONE 10 M6

4 pieces 3842513517 MULTI-SLIDER 8/10 TOT! e-shop

4 pieces CLAMPING LEVER M8 x 50 mm TOT! e-shop

8 pieces STAR KNOB M8 x 30 mm TOT! e-shop

In case you want to extend your router sled occasionally, you can do it with the following items:

2 pieces 3842993130 / 1000 STRUT PROFILE 40X80L

6 pieces 3842528746 CONNECTION LINK PV10/40 L=180-M8 (6 pcs on the table and 8 pcs out of table)