What do I need to build a TOT! router sled with a self-supporting frame?

40×80-10 Aluminum profile

  • 2pcs    cross rails
  • 2pcs    parallel rails
  • A few pieces  Cross support beams PROFILE 40X80L  You can use a 40x40mm profile as a cross support beam, but 40x80mm is much stronger. Especially when you use this frame on the floor, I recommend using 40×80 (an 80mm in a height oriented).
  • 2 pieces  Bracket 40x40mm / per cross beam –see how to use the bracket 40×40
  • 4 pieces  T-bolt HS10-M8X20 / per cross beam
  • 4 pieces  Collar nut M8 / per cross beam
  • 12 pcs T-Slot Nut / Slotted Block Type M8, 10 Slot  (4 to 8 pcs for end-stops, 2 or 4 pcs for clamping levers)
  • 20 pcs T-Slot Nut / Slotted Block Type M6, 10 Slot 12pcs for assembly cross rails together with parallel wheels holders  (12 pcs screws M6x16mm + washers are including in TOT! Complete pack), 8 pcs T-slot nuts with spring for clamping dogs (optional)



2 pcs for locking router cart in any position (2pcs for X and 2 pcs for Y-axis)

Slider  10mm Slot

2 pcs for a smooth move between locking router cart in any position with clamping levers


4 to 8 pcs for end-stops