How do I calculate the right length for parallel and cross profiles?

Required length of your parallel profiles is max. length of your slab + 50 cm.
Length of your cross profiles is following: max. wide of your slab + 30 cm = clear width of your router sled. You have to count with additional + 8 cm for two parallel profiles = total width of your router sled + 10 cm for total length of cross profiles.

For example: total length of our cross profiles is 160cm – 10 cm = 150 cm, what is total width of our router sled – 8 cm for two profiles (2 x 40mm) = 142 cm, what is clear width of our router sled – 30 cm = 112 cm. 112cm is maximum width of slab which we can flatten at our router sled with TOT! dustless cart.

For longer cross profiles than 160 cm (total length) you will need cross profiles 45×90 with 10mm T-slots product No. 3842990300
In case you will use cross profiles 45×90, please let us know before you place an order. You will need the different length of sealing brushes than the standard.