Can I use TOT! dustless system to flatten the epoxy?

TOT! router sled´s dustless system was designed to flatten the wood.

TOT! can be used for small cracks filled with epoxy with no problem.

Theoretically, it could be used for larger resin surface as well.
Anyway keep in mind, that the epoxy behaves during flattening totally different than wood.
Wood is split into small chips and mostly dust.
Opposite that, epoxy has tendencies makes long strips which are stuck together. It is more difficult to exhaust these strips in the same way as wooden dust. Epoxy chips can clog sealing brushes and exhausting hose too.

!!!Epoxy chips can permanently damage sealing brushes if brushes are not protected properly!!!

Here you can see how to protect sealing brushes with strong duct cloth tape.

In large surfaces of epoxy we strongly recommend:

  1. protect sealing brushes with a strong duct cloth tape!
  2. use 50 mm hose with a dust collector!
  3. check repeatedly sealing brushes and exhausting hose during flattening of the epoxy surface!
  4. always keep sealing brushes clean!
  5. clean sealing brushes before/after every use!