60mm CMT surfacing router cutter with insert knives 663.004.11 (12mm shank)

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This router bit is ideal for the fast removal of material over a large surface area leaving an improved finish at the bottom of the cut. Used on soft and hardwood.

Cost-effective solution compared to brazed router bits and solid carbide spiral bits.

D 60mm

L 80 mm

shank 12 mm

Always set RPM on the router according to your router manufacturer’s recommendation for the diameter of your router bit and the material you flatten!         (RPM – Revolution Per Minute)

Care & maintenance – How to avoid increased vibrations of the router bit and damage to the bearings of the router.

For the best performance of TOT! router sled check router bit daily and clean if necessary.
Rotate and change blades on the router bit regularly.

TOT! router sled also requires using router chuck extensions with collet:

796.002.00 with 12mm bit shank for metric scale 

796.001.01 with 12,7 mm (1/2″) bit shank for the imperial scale– mostly used in the USA, Canada, and also the UK


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