About Us
TOT! is a brand of the Green Oak Company

TOT! is a brand of the Green Oak Company.

Green Oak Company was established in 2012.
Our focus has been making furniture from oak wood.

When we were solving the occasional flattening of big oak slabs, we realized that there is no ideal product for us on the market. There were only two choices:
1. Big and expensive single-purpose machine
2. DIY router sled without exhausting dust
Ideal product in our view should combine benefits from both mentioned solutions.

TOT! router sled was developing since 2018 when we had key 3 goals in mind:

  • Dustless solution for clean, fast, and easy work
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy & Fast assembly/maintenance. Once work is done – simple steps to store it on the wall.

Now, after numerous working hours on this project, I can proudly introduce you absolutely Unique solution for Dustless router flattening – TOT! dustless system which allows flattening along and across the grains. Guaranteed High-quality product with great value for a reasonable price!

At Green Oak company we are doing our best to make a workshop environment a cleaner and better place for our common passion – woodworking job.

I hope you will enjoy the flattening with TOT! as we do.

Vlado Sajan – the owner of Green Oak Company