Did you know that slab flattening can be fun? Flattening with TOT! dustless system is clean, easy and fast.

No matter if the board you need to flatten is 40×30 cm or 500×150 cm, the solution is always the same – TOT! dustless system.

Build your new dustless router sled, it is very easy!  All you need is the TOT! Complete pack, a collet chuck extension, flat surface as a workbench for example, a pair of parallel rails + a pair of cross rails and a couple of T-slot stones. That’s all!

If you are not sure how to calculate required dimensions of aluminum profiles for your router sled rails, or where you can buy aluminum profiles, we have some tips for you including the breakdown of our router sled in the FAQ.

We do not sell aluminum profiles to abroad because the transport of long packages is very expensive. You can get profiles from your local retailer for a better price. We use Bosch Rexroth aluminum profiles, but we can recommend also alu10 for our EU customers and Framing Tech products for US / Canadien customers since these companies sell profiles 80x40mm for affordable prices in the metric scale and their profiles and accessories fit perfect to TOT! dustless system.


Do you need help?

In case, you are not sure which items you should buy, or just want to ask something about TOT! router sled, please feel free to ask via our contact form, or send us message directly at europe@takeonetoo.com   Please, let us know your country and max. dimensions of your slab. We will also need to know if you would like to use a self-supporting frame or table as we do. We always try to reply to your email within 24 hours, in case you didn’t receive our reply, please check your SPAM folder or check, if the email address you filled up into our contact form is correct.

TOT! is top product with top delivery services

In order to offer the best price for all customers around the world, we sell TOT! products only online at TakeOneToo.com
The payment via Paypal and Express DHL delivery allows you buying TOT! products safely and quickly.







Always use recommended tools

TOT! router sled requires using a collet chuck extension and a router surfacing bit. Please pay attention to choose the correct extension – the “Imperial” scale is mostly used in the USA, Canada, and also in the UK.  To choose the correct tools, follow the instructions of your router manufacturer. We use the following:

surfacing bit + a router chuck extension

From the small boards to the huge slabs with TOT! dustless system

You can start with shorter rails in the small workshop and when your business will grow, just change the rails for longer.
From the small boards to the huge slabs, TOT! dustless system is always the best choice to make your wood flat!



Visit our Instagram profile and find out how our customers use TOT! router sled

Learn how to flatten a slab with TOT! router sled at Manor Wood's YouTube channel

Construction plan with a complete breakdown of all parts for self-supporting frame from this video you can get here:



Construction plan with a complete breakdown of all parts for workbench from this video you can get here:

Make a healthier environment in your workshop

Wood is probably the most natural material we can all imagine…
Maybe this is the reason why many people do not consider wood dust as hazardous to their health.
The truth is, that wood dust is officially considered carcinogenic to the people with high exposure to it.
Here you can find more information about how to minimize the influence of this hazard to your health.

TOT! is a solution for a cleaner and healthier environment in your workshop.

TOT! is the first dustless system for router sled flattening.

In case you want to use TOT! dustless system for EPOXY surfaces, please read this important note.


If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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